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Honoring Our Nation's Veterans

Warrior Flight Team reaches out to wounded soldiers and their families through numerous support groups and veterans organizations, and invites those who have served and sacrificed so much to meet the team. These get-togethers are centered around large, well-attended events such as fundraisers, airshows, and sporting contests.  The WFT honors these warriors and their families with a truly unique experience and unparalleled hospitality and camaraderie. It’s a time for relaxation as well as reflection on the price many pay for serving in the armed forces.  In front of millions of people annually, the team has the chance to promote the Warrior Flight Team programs as the soldiers are honored publically. It’'s our way to show sincere appreciation for their sacrifices while at the same time increasing public awareness of our programs.​



While getting to know each warrior, we take the time to let them know about our careers program. It can provide life-changing opportunities that enable warriors to take the next step in their professional lives. Helping them obtain a fulfilling career after their distinguished military service is the least we can do to begin to pay them back for what they have done for us.


It’'s important to know that we don't go at this alone. We have a strong network of partners and affiliated organizations that we leverage for many aspects of our programs. Military commands and other support organizations also work with us so that we may provide the proper infrastructure to manage a smooth transition from military life to sustainable civilian careers. Participation in these programs automatically enrolls the participants into an illustrious alumni network that aims to support their new careers, as well as grow, improve, and promote the programs we have started.

New Veteran Scholarship Awarded

Warriors, we are pleased to present James Yeagley. James is our latest scholarship recipient. He has begun his flight training with Platinum Aviation in West Palm Beach, FL. James is just one of the many veterans our team has assisted. It brings into focus our true purpose. Our mission is to honor our nation's veterans and to provide them with the opportunity to achieve their dreams. We couldn't do it without the great people at Alpha Industries, and our wonderful fans and supporters.

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