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Sgt Michael "Bulldog" Blair

After a roadside bomb left doctors contemplating the amputation of both my legs above the knee, one Army surgeon stepped up to perform a long and surgery-ridden limb salvage procedure on this Marine.  Sixty plus surgeries and now six years later I am walking on my own two feet.  There is still pain involved with most activity, but I don't sweat it too much when I think of those who have given much more than I was asked to give. 


I pledge to pass on future donations to my fellow warriors, so they may have opportunity to be inspired and succeed!  Countless Americans have been extremely generous to the troops of my generation, including Warrior Flight Team's founders, who contacted me thanks to an article in AOPA magazine.  After the most thrilling two rides in my life, in Vandy 1 and a P-51 with the Warrior Flight Team, I was inspired to pursue loftier goals than I had ever considered. 


Currently I am pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and have continued with flight training through North-Aire Aviation, both in Prescott, Az.

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