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About Us


Warrior Flight Team is a 501(c)(3) charity comprised of a team of all volunteers and assets assembled to bring rewarding career opportunities to those who have served their country and sacrificed tremendously in the process, yet still strive to give even more of themselves. Sgt. Neal Duncan put it best when he said, “I can provide the will and strength but there has to be opportunity.” Warrior Flight Team aims to be the provider of that opportunity, allowing Sgt. Duncan and his fellow veterans to return to a productive work life and solid economic citizenship. As an experienced team of aviation enthusiasts and business leaders, we have assembled a five-part program designed to create and deliver opportunity: 




Veteran Memorial Service

These programs allow our veteran participants to embark on a fulfilling path towards a new and rewarding career. Social awareness needs to be created about the existence of these programs and that opportunity exists for those who want to regain a career as well.


This has been a pivotal year for the company in terms of public recognition for our services to recent veterans. With ambitious goals of promoting awareness for wounded veterans, we have exceeded even our own expectations. As we honor them, one fact remains is the desire to do more for these individuals and their families. These men and women have given so much, yet remarkably they all strive to give more.



The Warrior Flight Team provides both the Enrollment and the Recruitment portions of our program. These components are designed to expose new candidates to their options and potential career paths, and ultimately enroll them into our empowerment programs. We reach out to veterans groups who have interested wounded veteran participants and solicit their participation in our public awareness campaigns and honor ceremonies.


We conduct these campaigns at large well-attended events like air shows and sports contests where millions of people can publically recognize and honor the veterans for their sacrifices. The wounded warriors can enhance their own healing process through the social networking aspects of these large public events and through renewed camaraderie with fellow veterans who have had similar experiences.

We work with many veterans organizations to solicit participation from their registered members so they may be included in the opportunities we provide.

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