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Warrior Flight Team is now accepting applications for scholarships from our nation's wounded veterans. If you, or someone you know, can benefit from the opportunity provided by Warrior Flight Team, send us a message or complete the application.


By submitting an application, you are potentially opening the door to long-held dreams. Our organization is dedicated to assisting veterans and their family in achieving the goals they have, but may feel are unattainable. As the recipients of Warrior Aviation scholarships have seen, with the support and guidance of our team, anything is possible.


Don’t hesitate. Fill out the scholarship application and begin the journey of a lifetime to your goals!

Warrior Aviation 501(c)(3)
Warrior Flight Team

PO Box 563

White Plains, MD 20695

            Application for scholarship

Warrior Flight Team 501(c)(3)

Doug Woodley

Board President

Bill Paisley
Veteran Outreach

Dane Nielsen

Director of Operations


Mark Burgess

Chief Pilot

Pat Marsh

Director of Flight Operations

Frank Menditch

Finance Officer

Naomi Wadsworth

Board Secretary





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