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Warrior Flight Team to Honor Air Force Hero



The Warrior Flight Team has once again answered the call to honor one of our nation’s heroes. This December, the team will take part in a military tradition by leading a formation fly over of Arlington National Cemetery for the interment of Lt Col Edward Carl "EC" Hoagland, USAF. 


Lt Col Hoagland’s 21 years of military service spanned World War II and the Korean War. From the ranks of enlisted gunner to a command pilot, his career was filled with historical milestones such as the birth of the US Air Force and the first operational jet fighters. His service continued beyond his military retirement as an Admissions Liaison Officer for the US Air Force Academy. In this capacity, his influence helped to shape the future of the Air Force’s leaders.


The Warrior Flight Team is proud to take part in the ceremony to honor Lt Col Hoagland with a fly over in a P-51 Mustang. This is the same type of aircraft Lt Col Hoagland flew during his time in World War II and Korea. In a truly unique display, the P-51 from the Warrior Flight Team will lead a formation of four F-22 Raptors, America's newest and most advanced fighter jet.


In a 2001 interview, Lt Col Hoagland said, “The Air Force was good to me, even with the wars. I relished everything I did, and have always been proud of the AF Academy, the values it represents, and the completed product---the Air Force Officers it graduates”.


In the words of Warrior Flight Team member Pat Marsh, “Having the chance to pay tribute to such a man is at the heart of our organization. We’ve pledged our support to military vets past, present, and future and showing Lt Col Hoagland’s family how much the team, and this nation, appreciates his service is an important part of that pledge”.


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