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Our Pledge

"With our respect and support, we pledge to create opportunities for  our wounded  veterans and their families to realize and follow their dreams."

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 Warrior Flight Team Answers A Nation's Call

Warrior Flight Team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of volunteers and assets bringing rewarding career opportunities to those who have served their country. Through outreach events we find deserving veterans, and through our airshow team and fundraisers, we grant them the opportunities to achieve their life goals.

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Soldier and Family Reunion
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New Veteran Scholarship Awarded

Warriors, we are pleased to present James Yeagley. James is our latest scholarship recipient. He has begun his flight training with Platinum Aviation in West Palm Beach, FL. James is just one of the many veterans our team has assisted. It brings into focus our true purpose. Our mission is to honor our nation's veterans and to provide them with the opportunity to achieve their dreams. We couldn't do it without the great people at Alpha Industries, and our wonderful fans and supporters.

Career Opportunity Team

The Warrior Career Opportunity Team provides the training, mentoring and job placement assistance to our enrolled members.

Training is divided among various career paths, with mentoring and job placement designed to carry the veterans into their new careers. Possible training includes Private and Commercial Pilot License, Certified Ground and Flight Instructor, Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic, Avionics Technician, and Air Traffic Controller. Additionally, career training and opportunities are available for non-aviation career fields. Regardless of the industry chosen, mentoring includes a career track sponsor and corresponding liaison that will work with the veterans throughout the empowerment process. Job Placement includes pre-defined positions in major corporations in the aviation industry as well as potential public sector placements.


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Air Show Team


The Warrior Air Show Team provides both the enrollment and the recruitment portions of our program. These components are designed to expose new candidates to their options and potential career paths, and ultimately enroll them into our empowerment programs. We reach out to veterans groups who have interested wounded veteran participants and solicit their participation in our public awareness campaigns and honor ceremonies.


We conduct these campaigns at large well-attended events like air shows and sports contests where millions of people can publically recognize and honor the veterans for their sacrifices. The wounded veterans can enhance their own healing process through the social networking aspects of these large public events and through renewed camaraderie with fellow veterans who have had similar experiences.


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Warrior Flight Team


What is a dogfight demo?

It may look like a series of twists and turns but the pilots of the Warrior Flight Team know just what they're doing. After years and years of training, these fighter pilots show airshow crowds across the country, exactly what a real dogfight looks like. They bring the action so close, you can almost feel the G forces. 

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The Official Vandy 1 Flight Jacket

By Alpha Industries

Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

Warrior Flight Team is now accepting applications for scholarships from our nation's Wounded Warriors. If you, or someone you know, can benefit from the opportunity provided by Warrior Flight Team, send us a message or complete the application.


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Warrior Flight Team Scholarship Application


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